A Statement from the
President of the National Women’s Political Caucus of California

To Our NWPC California Members, Our Elected Civic Leaders, and Our Community Partners:

We Stood and Marched with You Against Racism and Inequality, We Remain Steadfastly Committed to Fighting with You.

We have watched in awe and admiration of protests in the United States and across the globe demanding recognition and acknowledgment that #BlackLivesMatter sparked by the justice delayed after the violent deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor and others.

We wholeheartedly and unflinchingly support the demand for long overdue transformative action towards addressing the systemic racism and violence that African Americans experience and endure at the hands of police and other government systems, which then become the justification for all other forms of injustice, violence, and inequality that is committed against women, people of color, LGBTQ+ and trans-individuals, and other marginalized communities.

It is long past time for America to have a true reckoning on the prevalence of racism and redress the discrimination and inequality that continue to insidiously grow from it. We commend Congress for taking leadership to forge a renewed path towards the laudable and lofty goals of addressing systemic racism and inequality. Additionally, it is commendable and notable, but not surprising, that women, particularly Congresswoman Karen Bass and Senator Kamala Harris, are leading the charge (both of whom began their public service in elected offices for which they were endorsed by NWPC California representing Los Angeles and San Francisco regions, respectively).

NWPC California looks forward to reviewing the recommended Federal reforms to identify and provide input regarding changes that are actionable and implementable by the state as well as local governments, particularly where the issues impact all women generally, but with keen, acute recognition of the ways in which African American women and other women of color historically disproportionately experience injustice and inequality.

In sisterhood and solidarity,
Karriann Farrell Hinds
NWPC California

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