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Days to November 3, 2020 General Election

NWPC-CA endorses pro-choice women for the California State Senate, California State Assembly, California Constitutional Offices, Mayors of major cities (pop. over 250,000), and County Boards of Supervisors.  Local caucuses endorse pro-choice women candidates for local boards and commissions, school boards, city councils and mayors of smaller cities, as well as County Boards of Supervisors and State Legislative offices.  For additional information about the endorsement process, please contact your local caucus president or NWPC-CA State PAC Chair.

Why do we need gender parity in our governing bodies?

In our diverse population, each group needs to be represented at the decision-making table. We need gender parity in politics to guarantee that women’s perspective is represented on all issues. Additionally, there are some issues that have a profound impact on the quality of life for women and families that need to be brought to the political forefront.

Why endorse women only?

Certainly there are men who support our positions on reproductive choice, dependent care, equal access to educational and employment opportunities, domestic and sexual violence and other “women’s issues”, but it is generally women who introduce the legislation to further these causes.

Are women making a difference?

In the aftermath of the Clarence Thomas – Anita Hill hearings in 1991, there was a surge of newly elected women in public office. In 1994, Congress passed into law 30 bills on women’s issues with 33 more the following year. The previous record for any year had been five.

How close are we to equal representation?

In 1971 there were only 344 women state legislators. In 2013, there are approximately 1,746. That’s just under 24%. Since women constitute more than half of the nation’s population, we still have more work to do to achieve parity.

Today, only 17% of Congressional members are female, only five governors and of the 100 largest cities in our country, only 12 have female mayors.

For the seventh year in a row, there has been no increase in women on corporate boards — with females accounting for only 16% of seats at Fortune 500 companies and for the third year in a row, there are only 14 female CEOs in the Fortune 500.

Why is the organization multi-partisan?

By working with pro-choice, pro-ERA women in all political parties, we can influence party platforms from within.

Why is reproductive choice so important to women?

Women cannot be truly full and equal partners in a society that denies them authority over these most personal and fundamental issues in her life. In recent years, anti-choice factions have mounted a well funded, well organized, strategic attack on women’s right to choose. By slick campaigns launched on selective sub-issues, they have begun to erode women’s rights to reproductive self-determination – rights that many of us worked so tirelessly and passionately to obtain a mere quarter of a century ago. The Supreme Court is only one vote away from overturning Roe v Wade. U.S. payments to the United Nations are tied up in the controversy over family planning funding in third world countries.


Tori Chica, VP Political Action: VPPAC@nwpcca.org


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