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Golden Circle Donors Program

Established in 2021 to honor NWPC’s 50th Anniversary, our Golden Circle Donors Program represents those committed at the highest levels financially to supporting our phenomenal womxn candidates.

In addition to helping rigorously vetted, Pro-Choice, Feminist womxn win their races, perks to becoming a Golden Circle Donor include:

  • NWPC CA swag, including an NWPC CA pin
  • Recognition on our website, in email publications, and at NWPC CA PAC events
  • Golden Circle Donor-only events with our electeds

Becoming part of the Golden Circle Donors Program currently requires a recurring monthly donation commitment at $50 or more (or a total donation of $600 or more annually) through our $50 for 50 Campaign.

Current Golden Circle Donors:

  • Karriann Farrell Hinds
  • Tracy Van Houten
  • Nora Garcia
  • Marguerite Cooper
  • Karen Humphrey
  • Jane Hasler-Henick
  • Sherri Loveland
  • Mary Ann Lutz
  • Howard Watkins
  • Katherine Welch
  • Chelsea Bonini
  • Hydee Feldstein Soto
  • Margie Llinas
  • Carissa McFadden
  • Angelica Ramos
  • Wendy Hoyt
  • Linda Wah
  • Your Name HERE!

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