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ACTION ALERT for NWPC Members statewide

September, 2020 — NWPC members throughout California must act now to ask Governor Newsom to sign the following key bills impacting women and families that we helped move through the Legislature and onto his desk.  You don’t have to write anything lengthy—just asking him to sign these specific bills is enough:
  • SB 493 (Jackson) Education Sex Equity—requires higher education institutions to develop procedures to prevent sexual assault and harassment and to respond appropriately to such incidents when they occur with transparent procedures and improved training for investigating complaints.  Similar protections under federal Title IX were dismantled by the Trump administration, so California must act to protect student rights.
  • SB 973 (Jackson)  Fair Pay data collection from employers—this bill requires employers with over 100 employees to annually report employee pay data to the state, providing wages and hours worked by sex, race, ethnicity, and job classification.  This will help employers identify and address pay inequities, and enable the state to identify trends and problem areas in enforcement of the state’s groundbreaking pay equity laws.
  • SB 1257 (Durazo) Eliminate the Exclusion of Household Domestic Workers from Cal OSHA Occupational Health and Safety Protections—this is a long-needed correction to employee rights that left household domestic workers without the health and safety protections that most California workers enjoy.  These jobs are overwhelmingly held by women, people of color, and immigrants, who are at particular risk during COVID.  They deserve basic health and safety protection.
  • SB 1383 (Jackson) Unlawful employment practice: family leave—this bill would realign various pieces of California family leave and job protection law so that workers eligible for paid family leave could actually use it because their jobs would now be protected.  This also reduces the size of companies required to provide protected leave to 5 employees, enabling thousands more workers to use leave when they need it to welcome a new baby or care for an ill family member.

How to contact the Governor’s Office: 

  • Call the main number at 916-445-2841.  Tell the person who answers the phone you want to ask for the Governor’s signature on one or more bills.  There is no need for a long message—just give your name, city, and the bill number or numbers you want the Governor to sign.
  • Email Governor Gavin Newsom and put in the subject line “Request for Signature (bill #)” and briefly give your reasons to support the bill.  This works best with separate emails for each bill but you could probably get away with listing all four bills in the same email.
  • Go to the Governor’s Contact Form and fill in the form provided.  The drop-down list for subject (after the general topics) details every bill on Governor Newsom’s desk.  Select the bill and on the next page write a personalized message.  You need only say “As a member of the National Women’s Political Caucus of California, I ask that Governor Newsom sign (bill number).  Thank you.”  You can use the form to write more if you want, but it isn’t necessary.  You should do this separately for each bill you wish to support.

Thank you for supporting NWPC-CA’s public policy advocacy!

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