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2020 Legislative Agenda

Endorsed Bills

Approved March, 2020

Education: Sex Equity (sexual assault in higher education); 2-year bill

SB 493 (Jackson)
This bill would require a postsecondary institution that receives state funds, including funds for student financial assistance, to comply with requirements relating to the protection of students from, and providing students with procedural protections relating to complaints of, sexual harassment.


Paid Family Leave (to be enacted in 2020-21 State Budget trailer language)

SB 135 (Jackson)
This bill would expand the scope of those provisions to instead prohibit an employer with 5 or more employees to refuse to grant an employee a request to take up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave for family care and medical leave if the employee had 180 days of service with the employer.


Pregnancy Protections in County Jails

AB 732 (Bonta)
This bill would require an incarcerated person in a county jail or the state prison who is identified as possibly pregnant or capable of becoming pregnant during an intake health examination or at any time during incarceration to be offered a test upon intake or request, and in the case of a county jail, within 72 hours of arrival at the jail. 


Cosmetic Fragrance and Flavor Right to Know Act of 2020

SB 312 (Leyva)
This bill would, commencing January 1, 2022, require a manufacturer of a cosmetic product sold in the state to disclose to the Division of Environmental and Occupational Disease Control a list of each fragrance ingredient or flavor ingredient that is included on a designated list, as defined, and a list of each fragrance allergen that is present in the cosmetic product in specified concentrations. 


Prohibiting Gender-Based Price Discrimination (“pink tax”)

SB 873 (Jackson)
This bill would prohibit a business establishment from discriminating against a person because of a person’s gender with respect to the price charged for any 2 consumer products from the same manufacturer that are substantially similar if those products are priced differently based on the gender of the individuals for whose use the products are intended or marketed, as specified. The bill would make the department responsible for receiving, investigating, conciliating, mediating, and prosecuting complaints alleging violations of these provisions.


Healthcare Coverage: Abortion Services: Cost Sharing

AB 1973 (Kamlager)
This bill would prohibit a health care service plan or an individual or group policy of disability insurance that is issued, amended, renewed, or delivered on or after January 1, 2021, from imposing a deductible, coinsurance, copayment, or any other cost-sharing requirement on coverage for all abortion services, as specified, and additionally would prohibit cost sharing from being imposed on a Medi-Cal beneficiary for those services. The bill would apply the same benefits with respect to an enrollee’s or insured’s covered spouse and covered nonspouse dependents. The bill would not require an individual or group health care service plan contract or disability insurance policy to cover an experimental or investigational treatment.


Cyber-transmission of Unsolicited Sexual Images

SB 1182 (Leyva)
This bill would create a private cause of action against a person who knowingly sends an unsolicited image by electronic means depicting any person engaging in an act of sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation, sexual penetration, or masturbation or depicting the exposed genitals or anus of any person. The bill would entitle the plaintiff to recover economic and noneconomic damages or statutory damages of a sum not less than $1,500 but not more than $30,000, as well as punitive damages, reasonable attorney’s fees and costs, and other available relief, including injunctive relief.

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