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2021 Legislative Agenda

Endorsed Bills

SB 62 Durazo Protects Garment workers from wage exploitation
SB 321 Durazo Applies employment safety standards to domestic workers and  provides OSHA oversight
SB 331 Leyva Applies NDA law to issues of sexual harassment and assault 
AB 92 Gomez Reyes Ties family fees to income; assures providers of income
AB 123 Lorena Gonzales Increases paid family leave benefit
AB 1119 Wicks Requires accommodations for family responsibilities
AB 1041 Wicks Adds to definition of family for Family Leave eligibility
AB 95 Low Increases bereavement leave 
SB 691 Susan Rubio Expands eligibility for EITC and child tax credit
SB 364 Skinner Expands free/reduced lunches in schools
AB 367 Cristina Garcia Provides free menstrual products in education institutions and public  buildings
AB 1493 Blanca Rubio Clarifies landlord requirements for tenant victims
SB 373 Min Protects domestic violence victims from collection of economic abuse  debts
AB 865 Quirk-Silva Changes rules regarding child care payments to providers
AB 1363 Luz Rivas Adds quality requirements for dual language learners
AB 1287 Bauer-Kahan Eliminates “Pink Tax” price differentials based on sex
AB 124 Kamlager Requires consideration of victimization in sentencing determination
AB 925 Dahle Expands reimbursements to local law enforcement for exams
SB 352 Eggman Add sexual harassment to state military requirements
AB 14 Aguiar-Curry Expands broadband access in underserved areas; provides bond  funding
SB 4 Lena Gonzales Provides implementation for AB 14
AB 1225 Waldron Improves services to women in prison
AB 27 Rivas Expands data on and services to homeless students
SB 374 Min Adds reproductive coercion to protective order eligibility
AB 705 Kamlager Eliminates some requirements for health care access
AB 1074 Lorena Gonzales Protections for janitorial and hotel workers
SB 530 Cortese Changes how to prosecute rape of spouse.
AB 1179 Carillo Add backup child care to employer-provided benefits
SB 374MinAdds reproductive coercion to protective order eligibility
SB 363LevyaEliminates Boys/Girls State discrimination exemption in Education Code
AB 32Aguiar-CurryTelehealth: Expanding Healthcare Accessibility
AB 1184ChiuConfidential Health Information
AB 1356Bauer-KahanHealth Center Safety & Security
AB 1171GarciaRape of a Spouse
SB 702LimonDemographic Data for Governor Appointments
SB 245GonzalezAbortion Accessibility Act (eliminates copay for private abortion services)
SB 65SkinnerMomnibus bill Black Maternal Health
SB 364Skinner*Expands Free/Reduced school lunch program

Wiener **

*Bill is a two-year bill; seeking funding in 2021-22 budget to implement.
**Bill is a two-year bill set aside to allow UC Regents to address the issue.
Prohibits UC health care contracts that limit services

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