NWPC California Continues Tradition of Supporting Strong Women Leaders in Unprecedented November, 2020 Election

NWPC California proudly continued our tradition of supporting pro-choice, progressive women leaders running for office in the November 3, 2020 election. Each candidate expressed a steadfast commitment to upholding NWPC CA bottom line issues, including advancing women’s equality and protecting access to reproductive health care. Click on each candidate’s name for information about her campaign.

For more Information about endorsement of the Federal candidates, including the Vice Presidential candidacy of Senator Kamala Harris, visit the National Women’s Political Caucus website.

Vice President
U.S. Congress
Rep. Doris Matsui Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 6 (Sacramento)
Rep. Barbara Lee Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 13 (Oakland)
Rep. Anna Eshoo Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 18 (Atherton)
Rep. Julia Brownley Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 26 (Ventura)
Rep. Judy Chu Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 27 (Monterey Park)
Rep. Grace Napolitano Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 32 (Norwalk)
Rep. Norma Torres Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 35 (Inland Empire)
Rep. Karen Bass Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 37 (Los Angeles)
Rep. Linda Sanchez Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 38 (Norwalk)
Rep. Nanette Barragan Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 44 (San Pedro)
Rep. Katie Porter Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED CD 45 (Laguna Niguel)
Sara Jacobs -- ELECTED CD 53 (San Diego)
Asm. Susan Eggman -- ELECTED SD 5 (Stockton)
Toni Atkins Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED SD 39 (San Diego)
Asm. Cecilia Aguiar-Curry Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 4 (Winters)
Asm. Buffy Wicks Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 15 (Richmond)
Asm. Rebecca Bauer-Kahan Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 16 (Dublin)
Asm. Luz Rivas Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 39 (East San Fernando Valley)
Asm. Laura Friedman Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 43 (Glendale)
Asm. Jacqui Irwin Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 44 (Ventura County)
Asm. Eloise Reyes Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 47 (Rialto)
Asm. Sydney Kamlager-Dove Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 54 (Los Angeles)
Asm. Cristina Garcia Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 58 (Bell Gardens)
Asm. Sabrina Cervantes Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 60 (Riverside)
Asm. Autumn Burke Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 62 (Marina del Rey)
Asm. Sharon Quirk-Silva Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 65 (Fullerton)
Asm. Cottie Petrie-Norris Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 74 (Huntington Beach)
Asm. Tasha Boerner Horvath Incumbent -- RE-ELECTED AD 76 (Oceanside)
Sen. Holly Mitchell -- ELECTED; LA COUNTY HAS AN ALL WOMAN BOARD OF SUPERVISORS, A FIRST LA County Board of Supervisors, District 2
Wendy Root Askew -- ELECTED Monterey County Supervisor
Hon. Elizabeth Warren President
Audrey Denney CD 1
Brynne Kennedy CD 4
Chris Bubser CD 8 (Mammoth/Victorville)
Christy Smith CD 25 (Palmdale)
Georgette Gomez CD 53 (San Diego)
Pamela Swartz SD 1 (Northeast Cal)
Shelly Masur SD 13 (San Mateo)
Nora Campos SD 15
Ann Ravel SD 15 (San Jose)
Abigail Medina SD 23 (Rancho Cucamonga)
Katrina Foley SD 37 (Huntington Beach)
Elizabeth Betancourt AD 1 (Shasta/Sierra Nevada)
Jackie Smith AD 6 (Sacramento Suburbs)
Kathy Miller AD 13 (Stockton)
Dawn Addis AD 35 (San Luis Obispo)
Annie Cho AD 38
Fatima Iqbal Zubair AD 64 (Carson)
Melissa Fox AD 68 (Tustin)
Deidre Nguyen AD 72 (Garden Grove)

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