Statement Re: Sexual Harassment in CA State Capital

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The National Women’s Political Caucus of California strongly condemns the systemic misogyny and sexist culture in the California State Capitol that subjects many women to unacceptable sexual harassment and assault.  We do not trust the male-dominated legislature to take real action to end this.  We need the next Governor to take charge and change the sexist culture throughout state government in order to protect and empower women, from elected officials and lobbyists to our service employees.

“The need for strong leadership from the top to change culture and institutional practice is one of many reasons NWPC-CA supports Delaine Eastin for Governor of California in the 2018 election,” says NWPC-CA President Karen Humphrey.  “She will be a voice to call out this sexist culture, and she’ll fight for effective policies to end sexual harassment and discrimination in state government.”

Putting a woman in the Governor’s office will signal a change in priorities — putting issues critical to the lives of everyday women up front, and speaking out forcefully to demand an end to business as usual.  There is real credibility if the person who holds the top job has felt and shared the challenges women face every day.  It is a fact that some current male candidates for governor had affairs with their own employees or others while in public office, and none has shown leadership on tackling sexual harassment.

NWPC-CA, which endorsed Delaine Eastin earlier in 2017, says that Eastin’s being a woman is important, but not the only reason for their support.  Eastin is easily the most qualified and deeply experienced of the California candidates.  Her years as a city councilmember, member of the State Assembly, and State Superintendent of Public Instruction, along with diverse experience in the corporate and non-profit sectors, gives her the policy expertise and collaborative, get-it-done style of governing that California badly needs.  Hers is a strong, passionate, prophetic voice calling on the Golden State to build a state that does better for its children, for women, and for all Californians.

Delaine Eastin’s visible presence in California’s highest office will send a daily message that California wants to ensure justice and equality to all of its citizens, and that the Governor will not just talk the talk, but walk the walk toward that vision.   Electing a woman as Governor of California is not just important for what the individual brings to the job — and Delaine Eastin will bring a lot.  It sends a message to the people of California, especially girls and young women, that all opportunities are open to them, and that they have an ally fighting for them at the very top of state government.  This is an opportunity we must not pass up if California is to move into a truly equitable future.

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NWPC-CA is a diverse, multi-party, grassroots organization that recruits, trains, and supports progressive, pro-choice women for election to national, state, and local office.  Formed more than 40 years ago by Gloria Steinem, Shirley Chisholm, Bella Abzug and others, NWPC has helped women move into public   office throughout the United States, and has worked to shape policy to end discrimination and expand opportunities historically denied to women.

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